How can I get referred players using the Affiliate Bot?

The affiliate bot is specially designed to make the job of our affiliate partners easier. To start scouting referred players, or more affiliate partners, separate your target audiences according to their interests and adapt the offer accordingly to make your approach more effective. After that, share on Telegram channels and engage with potential customers following these easy steps:

Identify and join popular channels related to cryptocurrencies, online gambling, and gaming and actively participate in discussions, providing valuable insights and information to build credibility and trust among the community.

Share your affiliate offer with your referral link in relevant channels, adhering to each channel's rules and guidelines and emphasizing the lucrative multi-level commission system.

Additionally, share the affiliate bot link to encourage others to become affiliates themselves, allowing you to earn from the second level of commission.

Engage with potential customers by answering their questions and offering additional information about the crypto casino, its games, promotions, and the multi-level commission structure.

Consider creating a dedicated channel or group on Telegram where you can share updates, promotions, and news about the casino and invite interested users to join.

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For more information on the available bonuses, you can offer to potential referred players, visit BitKong's bonuses offer page.