How much revenue share can I earn?

After registering and sharing your affiliate links, you will receive a default total revenue share of 21% from your referred players of all tiers. The full multiple-tier commission is divided like this:

  • 15% for the first-tier referrals.
  • 5% for the second-tier referrals.
  • 1% for the third-tier referrals.

Your total revenue share can increase up to 50% based on your performance as an affiliate partner.

*The breakdown for the maximum percentages achievable is 35% for the first tier, 10% for the second tier, and 5% for the third tier referrals.

What other rewards can I earn besides revenue share?

As an affiliate partner, you will also receive a 100 BKD bonus every time you refer a new player to the game. This bonus can be increased up to 500 BKD per referral based on your performance as an affiliate partner. On top of that, your referrals will also receive a 50 BKD one-time-only bonus for registering as your referral.

All these one-time-only bonuses will be awarded to you and your referred players in locked BKD, and they will be gradually unlocked when your referred players wager and level up. The 100 or 500 BKD per new user will be completely unlocked when your referred player reaches level 40.