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What Is Bitkong?

BitKong with glasses and a golden bitcoin necklace, giving a thumbs up. Next to him, a blonde girl in a red bikini blinking her left eye. In the background there is an open safe with bills and crypto coins coming out. Below them, the BitKong logo.
BitKong is the only 100% provably fair crypto casino on the market. Every bet of every game can be verified at any time. But that's not all. We are certified by The Crypto Gambling Foundation as a verified operator. We have a six-year history of building a strong community that trusts the games and their performance, and we work every day with the goal of improving the BitKong gaming experience.
BitKong with glasses and white scrubs standing next to a provably fair alogrithm.
100% Provably Fair
Trust what you can check. All games on BitKong are completly provably fair. Bets can be checked in-game or with an open-source calculator.
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Enjoy Provably fair at BitKong
Eight years in the market
Every day we work hard to give our community games where they can let go and just have fun. Be part of an entertaining, safe lucrative gaming experience that keeps getting better by the second!
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