High on Fun: BitKong's "Plinko" Game Is on Its Way

February 27, 2024
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Greetings, BitKong player! We hope you're enjoying your time in the jungle. But we're about to kick things up a notch!

We're thrilled to announce our newest game, “Plinko”. This exciting new experience with multiple balls and multipliers is about to make its debut, and it's going to be legendary. Let's dive into what's new for everyone here.


Plinko is a game of chance originally from “The Price is Right”, a popular TV show from the 80s. Players release a Plinko ball, and gravity takes over, determining their value.

The ball encounters various “obstacles” along the way, but always makes it to the end of the line. Then, the game reveals how much money you've won.

Now, every Plinko game has its own rules. BitKong's Plinko will feature multipliers and bonuses, giving you the chance to win big!


Imagine a game with many layers and a little ball that, just like Malcolm said, always finds a way. This little ball always reaches the end of its journey and always results in a win for the player, making the experience a win-win every time.


BitKong games are always smooth and fast. Our development focuses on dynamic and flashy animations, just the way our players like it. With our new techniques, we ensure the experience is optimal on all browsers, especially on today's mobile devices. Get ready for an uninterrupted experience!


Like all games at BitKong Casino, Plinko will have two modes tailored to two different audiences with low or high risk aversion.

For the more cautious players, BitKong offers the bonus mode, which grants access to various benefits. The winnings for each winning bet are slightly lower, but you get many bonuses such as recharge, the bonus wheel, or Kong's cashback, and more returns just for playing.

You can also take advantage of the other mode where you don't have these bonuses, but each bet counts and ensures higher winnings for each win.

In the end, it's your choice, your game, your strategy.


Integrity and honesty are fundamental to our ethos at BitKong Bitcoin Casino. "Plinko" guarantees absolute fairness, verified through provably fair mechanisms, ensuring transparency and integrity in every play. Your confidence in our platform is paramount, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of fairness and transparency in every aspect of your gaming experience.


Want to try Plinko without risking anything? Remember, you can take advantage of the No Deposit Bonus, available on all games at our bitcoin casino. The best part is that you can try it with Plinko if you haven't already taken advantage of our NDB.

You can learn all the details to earn free crypto without having to deposit or spend anything! The best part is being able to play without limits, so invite your friends to try the game and receive rewards for their bets too.


The introduction of "Plinko" is just the beginning of our journey. We continuously listen to your feedback to further enhance our games at BitKong casino. Our commitment is to enrich your gaming experience with additional features, ensuring more enjoyment for you.

Keep an eye out for future updates and get ready for the ultimate gaming journey with BitKong's "Plinko," expected to be available between March and April.

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