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Зарабатывайте пассивный доход с Kong
KONG - это децентрализованный токен, который увеличит ваши возможности пассивного дохода за счет вознаграждений за стейкинг. Воспользуйтесь ежемесячными доходами, которые вы получите как в криптовалюте, так и в KONG единицах.
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Become a part of BitKong's success

KONG is more than just a token. It represents a 50% share of our gross gaming revenue. This means you become a partner in our success and we grow together! Ready to redefine your investment experience?

Access KONG Anywhere

KONG is available on Polygon, Binance Chain, and Ethereum, and it can be traded on:
Uniswap logo - Exchange where you can trade KONG
Uniswap (Polygon and Binance Chain)
Sushi Swap logo - Exchange where you can trade KONG
Sushi Swap (Polygon and Binance Chain)
Pancake Swap logo - Exchange where you can trade KONG
Pancake Swap (only on Binance Chain)
Получите свои первые токены KONG
Зарабатывать единицы KONG просто. Вы можете захватывать токены KONG, участвуя в airdrops, вращая Волшебное колесо, занимая места в рейтинге Лидеров, получая вознаграждения в виде кэшбэка и открывая Волшебные Сундуки.
Plus, by staking you get more drops to compete for the no-deposit bonus.

Unlock exclusive rewards

Play with KONG and access unique benefits.

KONG Chest - Unlock Surprising Rewards in Silver, Gold, and Black Tiers

KONG Chest

Earn Silver, Gold, and Black chests only for wagering with KONG.
KONG Leaderboard Logo - Compete for Generous Rewards with KONG Tokens

KONG Leaderboard

Reach the top of the leaderboard and secure daily, weekly, and monthly prizes.
Cashback Feature Icon - Earn a Portion of the House Edge Back with KONG Bets

KONG Cashback

Receive significant rakeback of up to 2% from KONG's House Edge.
Buy KONG with Bitcoin Lightning and Cryptocurrencies - Invest and Earn Rewards

Buy KONG, stake and increase your rewards

You can buy KONG in an instant at Just click the image on the right,➡️ enter how much KONG you want to buy in USD, and click “Buy,” and that's it. You are ready to increase your stake and welcome the big staking payouts at the end of the month.
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