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KONG: Not just a Token, an iGaming experience

Get to know the decentralized gaming token that will change how you experience crypto gaming. KONG is a new way of playing and earning staking rewards.
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KONG is a revolutionary decentralized token designed to enhance the BitKong gaming platform experience. Launched in May 2023, KONG’s mission is to provide additional benefits and rewards for BitKong’s users and partners within the BitKong ecosystem, including the innovative KONG staking feature.

A token backed by the pioneering provably fair gaming platform

KONG was founded by the experienced team behind BitKong, a popular online gaming platform with a 7-year history of being a fully transparent, provably fair casino. BitKong’s journey began with the successful development of the site’s first provably fair game: Tower. The continuous growth of the platform led the team to the creation of many enjoyable games and features and, most recently, introduced KONG to enrich the gaming experience for the users even further.
KONG is an ERC-20 smart contract-enabled token built on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain’s network. KONG leverages cutting-edge technology to seamlessly integrate the BitKong platform and enable various use cases within the gaming ecosystem.
KONG has a carefully crafted distribution and monetary policy. KONG’s tokenomics model ensures a sustainable and balanced ecosystem for all participants. KONG holders can stake their tokens to earn a monthly payout directly from the house edge of BitKong. Through the staking rewards, the site shares 50% of its revenue, making KONG staking a rewarding and reliable choice, backed by the house edge of BitKong.
Use cases

KONG has a wide range of applications, including in-game rewards, and exclusive promotions, to upgrade the user experience within the BitKong platform, and the main feature - KONG staking, allowing users to earn additional rewards.

Enjoy exclusive bonuses like KONG Cashback, Leaderboard and KONG Chests.
Deposit KONG into your staking account and earn monthly staking rewards.
Exchange KONG freely on Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain.
Receive free KONG regularly with social media Airdrops.
Claim your free drops and compete in a 1-hour race for a real no deposit bonus of KONG tokens.
Soon you'll be able to compete with other players using KONG and win generous prizes.
KONG prioritizes security with features like FIDO2 authentication support and a solid no-KYC policy. Our commitment to safety ensures a secure environment for our users and partners, enabling support for two-factor authentication methods.
KONG's governance model places decision-making in the community and the platform’s team. This decentralized approach guarantees transparency and fairness throughout the KONG ecosystem since holders' input is considered in the development process, and they receive rewards according to their KONG input in the total staking pool.

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BitKong’s future plans for their token include exclusive KONG tournaments, giveaways, and promising partnerships. Stay tuned for exciting updates and projects as we continue to grow and innovate.
Exchanges & Wallets
KONG is listed on major exchanges and can be securely stored in compatible wallets like MetaMask, MathWallet, Trust Wallet, and other Web3 wallets. KONG can be traded on popular decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Sushiswap, and PancakeSwap. The token supports multiple networks, including Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum.
Buying KONG with Uniswap
  • Click on the image on the left.
  • Connect a wallet, like MetaMask, to UniSwap by clicking "Connect Wallet."
  • Pick your trading pair. For example, exchange USDT for KONG. Click "Select a token," input the token name, and choose it.
  • If KONG isn't listed, paste its contract address.
  • Enter your purchase amount, click "Swap," and then "Confirm Swap" and done. It's very simple.
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BitKong Coin is available for buying, selling, and exchanging into other cryptos. Unlock the full potential of KONG by adding it to your MetaMask wallet today and discover a world of exclusive benefits.
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