3 Very Different Ways to Earn Crypto

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Updated on July 25, 2023

Every day there are more and more people interested in starting a career -or a side job- in the crypto market. But giving the first step can be unsettling for those who are just beginning to learn how cryptocurrencies work and even harder to find ways to earn crypto and make some profit without complications. With the price of many popular coins skyrocketing, some people are looking for other ways to get involved and earn crypto in their everyday lives. Here are 3 ways to earn crypto that are very different from each other. Some are riskier than others so be sure to pick the one that best suits your possibilities.

Move To Earn - Move More, Get Paid In Crypto

Similar to play to earn games, move-to-earn apps award crypto to users for moving on foot, bike, etc. These projects aim to boost people’s desire to live a more healthy life by making them burn calories with movement. One of these projects is StepN, a web3 Solana powered lifestyle app that pays crypto to users according to the distance walked, jogged, or run. Users can earn Green Satoshi Token (GST) simply by walking. While many apps offer a similar approach, StepN differs in that it gives users full control over their own data. It also gives users complete anonymity. Playing StepN is very straightforward, but it requires an investment. Users need to purchase NFT sneakers in the in-app marketplace. There is also the possibility to rent sneakers from a leaser after agreeing to its terms. This system requires no user investment, and the sneakers have to be returned in 24hrs.

Invest In A Blockchain Project - Invest In An Altcoin Launchpad

The crypto market has a full stack of opportunities ready for all kinds of investors, occasional or frequent. One of these promising chances involves investing in cryptocurrency blockchain projects before their tokens get launched in major exchanges. The best way to dive is through an altcoin launchpad. Almost every blockchain has a launchpad and they all work in a similar way. First, a platform is developed, which triggers the need for a native token to provide functionality. The tokens are sold cheap to early investors to cover the expenses of the development. Once the project is finished, the token is launched in public exchanges, and every time it increases in value the investors who bought it the cheapest get the best return.

Online Gambling - Play With Fiat, Withdraw In Crypto

Finally, we've got gambling games, the most known way to earn crypto fast. Of course, this option has its risks: users may win a considerable amount of money in one play or lose all they betted just as easily. The exciting part is that, with online gambling, you can place bets using fiat currencies and withdraw winnings in crypto. Other positive aspects are that crypto casinos are fast, the games are easy to play, and they are fully regulated by online gambling authorities –like the Crypto Gambling Foundation–. These casinos offer a wide range of crypto games and are available in several languages with excellent customer support to resolve player issues quickly. Before starting to play, the important thing to keep in mind is how much capital you can afford to lose.

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