How to Maximize your Earnings with BitKong's Casino Affiliate Program

how to maximize your crypto earnings with BitKong affiliate program
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December 07, 2023

Cryptocurrencies are not what you can call “new” to the world, but still, most people know little to nothing about how they work or if they can be helpful to them. For online bounty or bargain hunters, crypto could open up other paths to generating steady incomes. When it comes to online gaming, the concept of earning without betting is not just a dream but a tangible reality. One of the opportunities available is through affiliate marketing in the crypto universe, where opportunities to earn passive income are up to you and not to chance. This is where BitKong, a renowned name in the crypto casino industry with eight years of history, is at the forefront of this exciting opportunity. BitKong's affiliate program stands out as a lucrative opportunity for those looking to earn by leveraging their social connections with some healthy referral marketing without the need to bet themselves.

Overview of BitKong’s Affiliate Program

Since its inception, BitKong has been a trailblazer in the online gaming arena, known for its transparency, engaging gaming experience, and exceptional user service. The BitKong affiliate program embodies these qualities, offering a unique chance for users to benefit from the platform's popularity and reliability. This program stands out in the online casino landscape, offering a unique opportunity for partners to earn both passively and actively. It is built on a 3-tier commission structure, a revolutionary approach in the affiliate marketing domain, particularly in the crypto casino space. This system rewards you for the players you refer to and those brought in by your referrals, exponentially expanding your potential to win passive and active income.

generate passive income in BTC referring players to BitKong

Key Features of BitKong’s Affiliate Program

Three-Tier Commission System: This innovative feature allows you to earn from your direct referrals (1st tier), as well as the players they refer (2nd tier) and the players those referrals bring (3rd tier). This multi-level structure ensures a broader earning scope, significantly multiplying your revenue as your affiliate network grows​​.

Simple Registration Process: Joining BitKong’s affiliate program is straightforward. You only need to enter your email and generate a username to get started. This ease of access makes it convenient for beginners and seasoned affiliates alike​​.

Earning Potential: Affiliates can earn up to 50% gross gaming revenue share from their combined commissions across all three tiers of referred players, making it one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the online casino sector​​.

Telegram Affiliate Bot: The bot allows you to earn money by referring your contacts or audience without ever leaving Telegram. You can send your community predesigned posts and withdraw your commissions instantly with a couple of messages. Also, you can ask for hourly commission updates from all your referred players.

Instant Withdrawal in Major Cryptocurrencies: One of the program's most user-friendly features is the option for instant withdrawals both through the site or the Affiliate Bot. This feature allows affiliates to swiftly access their earnings in various major cryptocurrencies​​.

No Negative Balance Policy: BitKong ensures that affiliates are not penalized for their referred players' losing streaks, as there is no negative carryover. This policy protects your earnings and encourages a more sustainable affiliate partnership​​.

Dedicated Account Manager: Each affiliate is provided with a dedicated account manager, ensuring personalized support and guidance throughout their journey with the BitKong affiliate program​​.

New Player Bonus: To incentivize new sign-ups, BitKong offers a bonus scheme where you can earn up to an extra $500 for referring a new player, and the referred players themselves receive a $50 bonus, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the affiliate, the new player, and the platform​​.

Earn crypto referring to provably fair games

How Does the BitKong Affiliate Program Work?

The BitKong affiliate program is an ideal blend of simplicity and profitability. It features a tiered commission structure, allowing you to earn more as your referred players become more active on the platform. What makes this program particularly appealing is the absence of negative carryover, ensuring that your earnings aren't affected by a referred player's losing streak. The instant withdrawal feature adds to the convenience offering quick access to your earnings.

Moreover, BitKong simplifies the process with a Telegram bot and dedicated account managers, making it easy to stay updated and manage your affiliate activities effectively.

Affiliate Program Dedicated Dashboard

The dedicated affiliate dashboard at BitKong is a powerhouse of functionality and real-time tracking. It allows you to create customized campaigns, track your referrals' activities, and analyze the performance of your strategies by segmenting your referrals into groups. You can also share diverse bonus offers to potential referrals through the default offer or the Magic Wheel or Deposit Bonus promotions within each group they create. The dashboard's intuitive design ensures you can monitor your earnings, tweak your approach, and optimize your campaigns for maximum profitability.

How to Start with the BitKong Affiliate Program

Starting with the BitKong affiliate program is straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Register on BitKong: Sign up on the BitKong platform, a quick and seamless process.

Access the Affiliate Section: Navigate to the affiliate section in your account.

Start Referring: Use the provided referral links and materials to start promoting BitKong to your network.

Monitor and Optimize: Customize the dedicated dashboard to track your progress and refine your strategies for better results.

Importantly, BitKong offers a new player bonus, which benefits both you and your referred players. This incentive not only boosts your earning potential but also makes the offer more attractive to potential referrals.

Strategies to Keep the Commissions Going with the Affiliate Program

There are several promotion strategies you can use to make the most out of BitKong's affiliate program and keep the earnings flow going. These techniques will improve your visibility and increase the likelihood of your affiliate links being used by potential BitKong players.

Blog Integration: Embedding affiliate links in your blog posts is a highly effective strategy. You can write about topics relevant to online gaming or cryptocurrencies and weave in your BitKong affiliate links. Consider various blog post styles such as product reviews, recommendations, product comparison articles, and more​​.

Email and Newsletter Campaigns: you can use your email contact list to promote BitKong’s affiliate program. You can capture email addresses through lead magnets and then engage your subscribers with emails containing affiliate links. This method will keep your audience up to date on the latest offerings and benefits of joining BitKong​​.

Video Content Creation: Video platforms like YouTube provide a great medium for affiliate marketing. Create content that is relevant to BitKong’s offerings and include your affiliate links in video descriptions. You can also offer exclusive discounts or promotions through these links to entice viewers​​.

Preview of the Telegram Affiliate Bot Youtube video.

Podcasts and Webinars: These platforms offer a direct way to engage with your audience. Incorporate affiliate links in your podcast or webinar, show notes and chats, and mention them during your presentation to encourage listeners to explore BitKong​​.

Social Media Promotions: Share your affiliate links on social media platforms through engaging posts. Tailor your content to each forum and include affiliate links in post captions or bios, ensuring they are relevant to your audience’s interests​​.

Forum Engagement: Engage in online forums like Bitcoin Talk, Quora, and Reddit, where you can share knowledge about online gaming and cryptocurrencies and elegantly incorporate your BitKong affiliate links. Be mindful of each forum's rules regarding affiliate links​​.

Incorporation in Online Courses: If you have online courses related to gaming, cryptocurrencies, or digital marketing, you can include your affiliate links in the course materials. This approach provides value to your audience and enhances the chances of converting learners into BitKong players​​.

By diversifying your promotional methods and continuously engaging with your audience, you can effectively drive new players to BitKong and maintain a steady stream of commission through the affiliate program.


Cryptocurrencies open up new, exciting ways to make money. That is the case with programs like BitKong's affiliate system. This program offers an excellent chance for anyone to earn money by recommending great games to their social media audience and friends without the need to gamble themselves. BitKong's system is straightforward and generous, offering benefits like easy-to-understand commission plans, quick payouts, helpful support, and bonuses for new players you bring in. By using simple methods like writing blog posts, sending emails, making videos, and being active on social media, you can attract more people to BitKong. This program isn't just about earning money without much effort; it's about being part of a growing, fun online gaming world and making the most of what the crypto world has to offer.

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