Fair Gaming: Find Out About BitKong's Dual Seeding Event for Crash Game

Bitkong Team
Updated on February 07, 2024
Provably Fair

Bitkong is excited to roll out a major update for our Crash game, making it even more thrilling with a special seeding event. Crash has quickly become a hit for its simple yet exciting gameplay, where players join in real-time and feel the community vibe.

Crash 1% House Edge: We’ve tagged this mode with a unique hash (7e2e18a54656fd1c1a9a09cfbe0297d4f08f9d66a5d8c25c2972edd53e206d5b) to bring you edge-of-your-seat excitement. This means every game is fair and transparent, just the way you like it.

Crash Bonus Boost: Look out for bigger thrills and rewards in this mode, marked by its own hash (7c576d49485aeb861ea76573abacc6cf4c2ebf694a0a3accbaa94d3a7d62bb34). As we mine new blocks, you’re in for an unmatched Crash gaming experience.

For that extra layer of fairness, we’re using specific Bitcoin block hashes for each mode. The 1% House Edge Mode uses the hash from Bitcoin block 829,300 (Hash: 0000000000000000000109d81f0bfe960d2fcf29529931abd055660c78da420a), and the Bonus Boost Mode uses the hash from Bitcoin block 829,301 (Hash: 0000000000000000000323c9bdb7d219e8cabd0a2980e5ab5623b976758a5c08). This ensures the game outcomes are transparent and fair, giving you peace of mind.

Bitkong’s Crash game is designed to be fast and smooth, perfect for playing on the go or with limited internet. The game’s mix of quick thinking, strategy, and the rush of making the right move at the right time keeps it exciting for everyone.

With this update, Bitkong is setting a new standard for online gaming. Our seeding event is all about keeping things fair and exciting, using future Bitcoin blocks to guarantee game integrity. So, get ready for a thrilling ride with Bitkong's Crash game, where fun meets fairness in the world of crypto gaming

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Provably Fair
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All the games we offer are in-house and designed to be provably fair, allowing you to confirm their fairness at any time.
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