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BitKong is the only crypto casino where all games are 100% Provably Fair. Play safely knowing you can check every bet in just one click.

What is Provably Fair?

It is a system that ensures fairness, it achieves this with a cryptographic algorithm that generates a hashed seed number before each game. Players can later confirm that the game results were not manipulated. This transparency not only builds trust but also enhances the gaming experience, ensuring that every roll, spin, or draw is completely random and fair.

A Bitkong Commitment To Fairness

Since its 2015 debut, BitKong has consistently prioritized Provably Fair gaming. Every bet on our platform is transparently verifiable, reflecting our commitment to fairness right from the start.
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It’s Everywhere

All of our games use the technology, just worry about which one you like best.

It’s Forever

We will never abandon our founding principle: fair gambling.
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Use Our Provably Fair Calculator

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The entire community examines past wagers, meaning they do the checking for you.
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No Blind Faith, Only Math

This tool removes the need for you to blindly trust our platform.

All Bitkong games are Provably Fair

We developed our entire library in-house. Having no third-party providers means exclusivity and accountability.

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A Breakdown of Provably Fair

Learn everything you need to know to wager safely.

Understanding Provably Fair Gambling

This system uses a cryptographic algorithm that generates a hashed seed number before each game, which players can later use to confirm that the game results were not manipulated.

This transparency not only builds trust but also enhances the gaming experience, ensuring that every roll, spin, or draw is completely random and fair. By choosing casinos with Provably Fair technology, players are guaranteed a fair play environment where their chances are purely dictated by luck, not by manipulation.

BitKong is a fully Provably Fair crypto casino. We are at the forefront of a new generation of online casinos where players can be sure that the results are not manipulated. BitKong’s verification procedure allows users to verify the integrity of every bet.

How Does Provably Fair Work?

As provably fair is based on blockchain technology it may be a little intimidating at first. But it isn't quite so complicated if you understand a few basic concepts.


In this context, a "seed" refers to a piece of data used in cryptographic algorithms to generate the outcomes of games.

In Provably Fair systems, two seeds are used to determine game outcomes - the Server Seed and the Client Seed. The Server Seed is generated by the casino's server, and the Client Seed is provided by the user (player).


A counter used to track the number of bets made with a particular Server Seed. This counter starts at 0 and increments with each bet. When the Server Seed is changed, the nonce resets to 0.


A digital record of a player's bet or participation in a game. It contains specific details about the bet, such as the amount wagered, and is used to determine and record the outcome of the game.

More on the Server Seed

The Server Seed is generated before the Client Seed. This sequence is crucial because it ensures that the casino cannot manipulate the Server Seed based on the Client Seed, thus maintaining fairness. When a bet is placed, the current Server Seed is hidden from the user and is represented by a hash (using SHA256 encryption). This is to prevent any prediction of the game result by the user.

The current Server Seed is used for all bets until the user decides to verify their bets. Before verification, users are encouraged to randomize the current Server Seed, which will then generate a new Server Seed for subsequent bets. Once the randomization is done, the previous Server Seed is revealed, allowing users to check all bets made with that seed.

Making it Even More Secure

For first-time visitors, it's not possible to prove the fairness of the Server Seed since they haven't participated in the game yet. Therefore, new users are advised to change their Client Seed during their first visit to enhance security and randomness.


Server seed, Client seed, Nonce, Ticket row number and Zero are used to create provably fair randomly generated outcomes. The output of the random number generation is 32 random bytes, generated using the HMAC_SHA256(K,m) function. This function uses a given Server Seed (K) and a message (m). The message is created by concatenating Client seed, Nonce, Row number of the ticket and zero. m = "{client_seed}:{nonce}:{row_number}:0".

Key Takeaways About Provably Fair

There's no need for you to remember everything related to Provably Fair, but there are a few points that are really important:

  1. Change the Client Seed when you start playing on the website.
  2. Copy and keep the Server Seed and the Client Seed separately.
  3. Don’t use one Server Seed for multiple bets. Check your last few bets to change the Server Seed every once in a while.
  4. After every randomization of the Server Seed, also randomize the Client Seed.
  5. If you manually create the Client Seed do not use simple, easily predictable words. It is better to generate it with a cryptographic random number generator by clicking the “Refresh” button on the Fairness tab.

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