Introducing Our New No Deposit Bonus: Faucet Tournaments and Free Crypto Rewards

Increase your faucet refill by staking your KONG
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Updated on November 30, 2023

For those who are new to the world of crypto casinos, it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate through the different games and find the one that suits your preferences. Most players prefer to play with real money to fully comprehend the bonus offer and get the complete experience of the gameplay.

At BitKong, we understand this need, and we are thrilled to announce the introduction of our game-changing no deposit bonus. This exciting new feature brings you closer to the world of crypto gambling and provides you with outstanding opportunities to play without having to deposit any money.

And there are other ways to multiply that bonus. You can generate passive income after winning your no-deposit bonus with KONG staking, which not only pays monthly staking rewards but also increases the amount of faucet drops you get to go up the faucet tournament leaderboard. We’ll review this latest update and all the information you need on the no-deposit bonus below this article, how it operates, and how you can make the most of its advantages at BitKong.

What is a no-deposit bonus?

A no-deposit bonus is pretty much what its name describes. An amount of money credited to a player by an online casino. What sets it apart is that you don't need to make any initial deposit to receive this bonus. It's a risk-free way to explore the casino, play games, and potentially win crypto without dipping into your own wallet.

How Does The No Deposit Bonus Work?

At BitKong, our no-deposit bonus takes the form of Faucet Tournaments for free crypto rewards in the form of KONG prize pools. The faucet tournaments run 24/7 and last one hour each. To start playing the no-deposit bonus tournament, you just need to follow these simple instructions:

1. Register at BitKong: Use an email address or with any supported Web3 wallet. Suppose you choose to register with a wallet. In that case, you’ll enjoy a fully anonymous gaming experience since we won’t even keep a record of your email address, thanks to our strict no-KYC policy.

2. Claim Your Faucet Drops: Head to the bonuses section, where you can easily claim your drops on the Faucet Refill. These drops will be added to your balance and become available for you to use.

You will get a different amount of drops depending on your Bitkong level, you can get up to 3600 drops daily. Here look:

Adventurer: 1 drop every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 10 minutes.

Champion: 1 drop every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 1 hour.

Hero: 2 drops every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 1 hour.

Master: 2 drops every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 3 hours.

Legend: 4 drops every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 3 hours.

King: 4 drops every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 6 hours.

3. Start Playing: Once your faucet drops are credited in your balance tab, you can dive into the games. Choose any game you wish to play in Faucet mode, which means play betting your faucet drops.

4. Monitor Your Progress: Keep track of your performance by checking your position on the Faucet Leaderboard, conveniently located within the bonuses section. This will give you an idea of how you're doing against other participants.

5. Claiming the Faucet Prize: After you've proven your skills and beat the other players, you’ll win a piece of the Faucet prize pool. Once you’ve won, you'll receive a notification in the "Available to claim" tiles, which you can find at the top part of the bonuses section.

How to Make the Most out of The Faucet Tournaments?

Winning a piece of the Faucet prize pool is very cool, but you may be wondering if there are some extra benefits you can get from BitKong’s no deposit bonus. The answer is yes. There are three types of Faucet tournaments or modes, each with a bigger prize than the last. These modes include Standard, Happy Weekend, and Funky Hour.

  • First up is the Standard mode. This mode runs continuously during regular hours and offers players the chance to split a prize of 1,000 KONG tokens.
  • Next, we have the Happy Weekend mode, which is exclusive to weekends. This mode provides an enhanced reward of 2,000 KONG tokens, adding an extra layer of excitement to your weekend gaming sessions.
  • Last but not least, we have the Funky Hour mode. Players can participate in this mode during a randomly selected hour and split a generous 3,000 KONG tokens prize.

What is KONG?

You’ve registered, won a faucet prize, and now might be wondering about the tokens you’ve won. KONG tokens are decentralized cryptocurrencies. An ERC-20 token designed to improve your gaming experience with special rewards and features.

KONG can be traded on popular decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Sushiswap, and PancakeSwap. The token supports multiple networks, including Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum.

How Can You Get KONG

When playing using KONG mode, players have the opportunity to win exclusive bonuses that cannot be found elsewhere. First, you have the Magic Wheel, which brings excitement to the game since you can win both KONG and BKD rewards and up to 7 BTC on every spin.

But there are more exclusive KONG bonuses. Players can compete with each other on the leaderboard, where they can constantly climb positions. Daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards are available for players to participate in, with prizes awarded in KONG tokens according to their wagering achievements.

And there is also KONG cashback. Players can benefit from daily cashback rewards, which provide a portion of their money back in KONG tokens when wagering on provably fair games.

Finally, players can claim their daily, weekly, and monthly chests packed with KONG tokens, determined by their wagering activity. All in all, these features provide numerous opportunities for players to earn KONG tokens and improve their gaming experience. It's an exciting opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

How Can You Win Free Crypto

If you want to win free crypto through our faucet tournaments, simple tips can increase your chances of winning without making much effort. For instance, you should always start participating in the tournament as soon as they start. Faucet Tournaments start automatically every hour, so if you claim your drops at 14:45, it would be better to wait until 15:00 to participate in a new tournament.

This way, you have more chances to reach a higher position in the faucet leaderboard of that specific hour and get better rewards.

On these no-deposit faucet tournaments, BitKong splits 1000 KONG between the top 50 players of that hour. The champion takes 300, the second place takes 160, the third 120, and the rest is distributed among the rest until the 50th place player.

How to Earn More KONG With Staking

After winning your first KONG tokens on the faucet tournaments, you can do even more to multiply your winnings, like staking your KONG for a monthly reward. KONG holders can stake their tokens in their dedicated staking account to earn a monthly payout directly from the house edge of BitKong.

Through the staking monthly payouts, the Bitkong crypto casino shares up to 50% of its revenue, making KONG staking a rewarding and reliable choice, backed by the house edge of BitKong. How can you start? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your KONG staking dashboard. You can access it through the staking icon on the Bonuses sidebar section.
  2. Click on “Deposit”.
  3. Enter the amount you want to invest in the current staking cycle.
  4. Click on "Transfer,” and that’s it!

You can easily keep track of the growth of your estimated payout throughout the month without any effort on your part. If you need to withdraw your stake before the payout, there's no need to worry, as you're free to do so at any time.

However, it's important to note that if you decide to withdraw before the payout, you won't receive the staking rewards for that specific month.

how to buy crypto stake to save bitkong

Stake More KONG, Get More Faucet Drops for No-Deposit Bonus

After BitKong’s latest update, there is one more new benefit available for all players, whether they choose to enable the bonus boost or the 1% house edge feature. When it comes to staking, the amount of KONG you have at stake will have a direct impact on the number of drops you can claim from the faucet. For every 100,000 KONG tokens you stake, you'll be able to claim an additional faucet drop. This means that the more you stake, the more KONG you can earn on the no-deposit bonus faucet tournament.

To Sum Up

BitKong's innovative no-deposit bonus, featuring Faucet Tournaments and Free Crypto Rewards, is a game-changer in the world of crypto gambling. This revolutionary addition allows you to explore the world of crypto casinos without any risk or initial deposit.

By participating in Faucet Tournaments, you can earn KONG tokens and increase your earnings through staking. Our native cryptocurrency, KONG, opens up endless possibilities, from trading on decentralized exchanges to gaining access to exclusive events and leaderboards.

With our expert tips on maximizing your chances in faucet tournaments and the option to stake KONG for monthly rewards and boosted faucet drops, BitKong offers an exciting and highly profitable gaming experience that you simply can't afford to miss. Join BitKong today and start your journey towards passive crypto income!

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