BitKong's Latest Game 'Crash': A Multiplayer Adventure in the Sky

February 07, 2024

BitKong's Latest Game 'Crash': A Multiplayer Adventure in the Sky

BitKong Casino is proud to present a new gaming adventure in everybody’s favorite jungle. We would like to invite you to an innovative online gaming experience, 'Crash,' a game that promises to keep you at the edge of your seat. It's not just any game; it's BitKong's first leap into the multiplayer arena, and it comes with a gothic twist that's as captivating as it is unique.

What is Crash?

Crash is a multiplayer game of chance. Crash has no limit to how many players can engage in one play, all competing to win big and take advantage of BitKong’s Bonuses. You, the player, have to predict how far the frog will fly before it dies and falls. If your prediction turns out to be correct, you will win your stake multiplied by the multiplier the frog reached, which can go from 1.01 to 1,000.

Why is Crash the Players’ Favorite Game?

Crypto gamblers are loving "Crash" as it combines simplicity, strategy, and excitement. The game is easy to understand and involves guessing when an object will crash, but its unpredictable nature makes it thrilling. Players enjoy the multiplayer features, and the quick-paced rounds that provide instant results, allowing for rapid gameplay.

Some versions of the game also offer social elements like chat rooms and the ability to see other players' bets, creating an interactive environment. We at BitKong Casino, certainly allow players to interact with other players and participate in chat rains to receive free crypto. (KONG rewards).

Last but not least, the potential for high wins from relatively small bets adds to the appeal of "Crash," making it an attractive choice for gamblers in the crypto space. And remember to activate the 1% House Edge mode to get even bigger wins.

The World of BitKong’s 'Crash'

There are many crash games out there, and many of them are just dots flying on the screen, but in our casino, we wanted to go beyond these basic designs.

Imagine a world where a charming flying frog, a beloved character in the BitKong universe, takes you on a super fun journey. But there is a catch. This journey has a dark end. Your mission? Predict the height at which this adorable frog's flight will tragically end. Yes, it's a bit gothic, but that's what makes BitKong’s version of 'Crash' so unique. You are not just watching a dot go up.

Stunning Visuals and Animation Meet Provably Fairness in BitKong’s Crash

What makes 'Crash' stand out is its exciting animation, powered by new development technology, allowing BitKong to give players a game with cutting-edge design and fast performance without losing the key feature of provably fairness.

As soon as you start playing Crash, you’ll be immersed in an attractive visual experience where every movement of the flying frog and the game environment is fluid and dynamic, with no lagging or glitches for a non-stop gaming experience.

We're unveiling an epic event featuring the hashes of three future Bitcoin blocks, adding an extra layer of excitement and security to our Crash game mode. With specific ending hashes for each mode, including the 1% House Edge and the Bonus Boost, every game promises heart-pounding action. Read more to learn about this groundbreaking move.

How Many Players Can Play Crash?

New to BitKong's gaming universe? 'Crash' offers a comfortable starting point. With options to place minimal bets up to a maximum payout of x1,000, you can ease into the game without feeling pressure to play if you are willing to take a considerable loss. And for those who prefer a risk-free start, BitKong’s no-deposit bonus Faucet tournaments are the perfect way to get acquainted. It’s all about giving players the freedom to explore and engage at their own pace.

The best part is that there is no limit on the number of players that can engage in one bet at the same time, you can enjoy this game with the whole community of BitKong, or just by yourself.

What is the Strategy to Win in a Crash Game

To master the game of 'Crash', you need to understand and adapt to its unpredictable nature. You choose a target altitude and corresponding payout, but the frog's flight could end at any moment, even after launch.

The game challenges you to balance risk and potential reward and decide whether to play conservatively or take bold risks. The goal is to predict the critical moment when the frog reaches or exceeds your chosen height/payout, securing a win. If the frog's flight ends before reaching your target altitude, you lose.

As with any game, there are some classic strategies you can use to play BitKong’s Crash:

Martingale betting system: With this technique, you need to double your bet after each win.

Labouchere betting strategy: This is a betting strategy where you increase your bet by half of the previous bet after each win.

Paroli betting system: When using the Paroli strategy, you double your bet after a win and keep the same bet after a loss.

One interesting aspect of 'Crash' is that you can modify your bet during the round, adding an extra layer of strategy. Success in 'Crash' depends on finding the right balance between risk and potential reward. Each session offers a dynamic and engaging experience, however it is our recommendation that you always stick to a strict gaming budget and only bet what you can afford to lose.

BitKong’s Features and Payment Options

Before delving into the security aspects, it's vital to understand the broader features and functionalities that BitKong Casino offers, making it a versatile platform for online gaming enthusiasts.

At the heart of BitKong's ecosystem are two house cryptocurrencies, BKD and KONG, which players can use for various transactions within the platform. In addition to these, BitKong supports a wide range of other popular cryptocurrencies for betting, catering to a diverse user base with different preferences.

BitKong’s supported cryptocurrencies are:

All these currencies provide players with multiple options for instant cashouts.

But that’s not all, BitKong enhances the gaming experience by offering the option to stake KONG tokens. This feature allows players to earn monthly staking rewards, adding an extra dimension to the gameplay and investment strategy. This staking mechanism not only incentivizes long-term engagement with the platform but also allows players to potentially increase their holdings, adding value to their gaming experience.

Ensuring Secure Gameplay: Security Features in 'Crash'

Crash is not an exception to BitKong’s commitment to securing the players’ assets and information. BitKong Casino uses advanced encryption protocols to protect players' personal and transactional data, and the game is built on a provably fair system that allows players to verify each round's fairness. This transparency is vital in building trust and ensuring the integrity of the game.

BitKong offers a two-factor authentication (2FA) system to enhance security further. Players can activate 2FA by downloading and installing either Authy or Google Authenticator on their phones. They can then activate 2FA by scanning a QR code or entering a backup code. BitKong supports FIDO2 authentication, meaning players such as Yubikey, Trezor, Ledger, and others can add security keys. It's important to store each backup code securely, as they can only be used once.

These security features demonstrate BitKong's dedication to providing players with a secure, fair, and enjoyable gaming experience. By ensuring data protection and game integrity, as a player, you can relax and focus on playing and enjoying the incredible bonuses designed to multiply your wins.

How to Start Playing Crash

To start playing Crash, sign in at You can register using a Web3 wallet; that way, you’ll play completely anonymously since we won’t even keep your email address. You can also register using an email from your Google or Apple accounts. Now, you are ready to start playing:

  1. Go to the sidebar and choose Crash in the games menu.

  2. After that, you can choose to start playing using the Bonus Boost or with the 1% House Edge mode. The key difference between the Bonus Boost and the 1% House Edge mode at BitKong is

  3. 1% House Edge Mode: Offers the maximum possible payout on all bets with a consistent 1% house edge but limits access to specific bonuses.
  4. Bonus Boost: Provides access to a full range of bonuses and rewards, altering the house edge between 1% and 3% depending on the game, thus incorporating bonuses into the Return to Player (RTP).
  5. Select your preferred currency and how much you want to bet.

  6. Use the payout selector to predict when you think the frog will crash.

  7. Click the play button and see where this adventure takes you!

Remember you will have a brief moment to cash out your bet before the play ends, but not after the frog passes your predicted number.

How to Maximize Your Crash Earnings with KONG Staking

Making the most out of your winnings in 'Crash' goes beyond strategic gameplay; it also involves smart asset management, particularly through KONG staking at BitKong Casino.

By staking KONG, players not only participate in the thrilling gaming experience but also unlock the potential for additional monthly rewards. This approach is a smart way to maximize your overall returns from playing 'Crash'. When you stake KONG, you earn rewards that can be reinvested into the game, increasing your betting power and opportunities for larger winnings.

Additionally, staking serves as a complementary strategy to your gaming activities, providing a passive income stream while you actively engage in 'Crash'. Through the staking feature, players can increase their overall profitability and enjoy a more rewarding gaming experience at BitKong Casino.

Ready to Try BitKong’s Provably Fair Crash?

So, are you prepared to join the high-flying adventure of 'Crash'? Whether you're new to BitKong or an old-time Konger, 'Crash' offers an experience you won't find anywhere else. 'Crash' combines elements of strategy and chance within a simple yet engaging framework, appealing to a wide range of players.

The core concept revolves around making predictions about a flying frog's flight, set against a backdrop of advanced visuals and a provably fair system. The game offers an accessible platform for both experienced gamers and newcomers, with options like the Bonus Boost and the 1% House Edge mode to tailor the gaming experience.

You could also enjoy Crash with our No-Deposit Bonus and participate in the Faucet Tournaments, always trying to get KONG and more crypto rewards.

BitKong's focus on user-friendly design and fair play principles is evident in 'Crash.' For those interested in exploring this new offering, signing in at and choosing a gaming mode is a straightforward process. 'Crash' presents an opportunity to engage in an online game that balances simplicity with the excitement of potential rewards.

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