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A game of chance where the payout is a double goal. Call the payout and take the wheel for a spin. Simple, entertaining, rewarding.
X20000 multiplier
A big green 99% on top, and RTP in white below. Between them, there's a white line.
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An explorer standing next to Limbo's spinner. Above this, the word "Limbo".
Tower's board game.
How to play
Number one.
Place your bet. Choose the amount you want to bet by writing it or selecting it with the + and - buttons.
Number two.
Select your winnings. Drag the slider to determine the multiplier. The higher the multiplier, the bigger the payout.
Number three.
Roll the spinner. Click on the Play button to see if the spinner lands on the selected spot or higher.
BitKong's face with star-shaped glasses. Around him, circles with the different tokens logos: Tether, Binance, Uniswap, Shiba Inu, Wrapped Bitcoin, Dai Coin, SushiSwap, and USDC Coin.
More games, more tokens!
Bet using Binance Smart Chain and your favorite ERC20 tokens!
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Binance Smart Chain BEP20

Wallets like MetaMask, MathWallet, Trust Wallet.
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Use your favorite wallets.

Metamask, Coinbase Wallet & Wallet Connect.

Your winnings are bigger in BitKong!

Spinning roulette with a BitKong coin in the center.

Magic Wheel

Spin the wheel for fabulous crypto rewards. You'll get both locked and unlocked crypto prizes nonstop. Free spins. Big Wins.
An open chest with a percentage peeking out, in the middle of a grey circle.

Deposit Bonus

Get up to a 1260% deposit bonus match on four deposits. Your money is worth more at BitKong!
A charging battery in the middle of a grey circle.


With Recharge, you’ll get a bonus when you need it the most. The more you play, the faster and juicer the recharge!
A trophy in the middle of a grey circle.


Slay the competition, reach the tournament podium, and split a 10k prize pool every week!
A money icon in the middle of a yellow circle. At the bottom, to the right, a lock icon also inside a yellow circle.


Unlocking has never been easier! Play and the equal of 2% of the money you wagered will be unlocked.
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Cash in your No Deposit Bonus 💧

Ready for a thrill with real crypto rewards? Dive into BitKong's Free Faucet Tournamentno deposit needed! Stake KONG and get more drops to compete for the no-deposit bonus. Ready? Game on!


BitKong's smiling face with star-shaped glasses.
A dizzy frog with a red cocktail.
A grey faucet with a red handle from which a droplet is falling.

3 faucet modes

Each one delivers even more money than the last.

This jungle has a wide variety of games to please every explorer!

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Tower logo.
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