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Orange Lamborghini.

Win a Lambo in the Jungle!

In December, BitKong is giving away one smoking hot 2022 Lamborghini Urus worth over $200,000! Just register and beat the rest wagering as much as you can between December 1st and the 31st.
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How to win a Lambo
Number one.


Sign in and pick a username you love.
Number two.

Score Points

Collect as many Experience Points as you can between December 1st and the 31st.
Number three.

Beat the rest

Slay the competition and get first place on the tournament board!
Tournament's Terms and Conditions
  1. For the purpose of these terms and conditions, “The Lamborghini Tournament”, “Lambo Tournament 2022”, “Lambo in the Jungle,” or any other promotional names given will be considered equal to The Tournament or Tournament henceforth.
  2. By playing The Tournament and registering an account, you agree to be bound by BitKong’s General Terms and conditions and these particular Tournament T&Cs.
  3. The Tournament will run from December 1st, 2022, till December 31st, 2022.
  4. The Tournament is considered to be activated after the official countdown ends in The Tournament section on the BitKong platform.
  5. The amount of money wagered by each player (in any currency) since the beginning of The Tournament will determine their places on The Tournament board. The wagered money so far is presented on The Tournament leaderboard live.
  6. The announced prizes for the second and third places in The Tournament will be paid in USDT equivalent.
  7. The first-place prize is a physical Lamborgini Urus 22 that will be delivered to the winner’s country. Shipment costs will be covered by BitKong. Delivery, and importation costs will be at the exclusive expense of the winner if they reside outside the United States territory. The winner can choose to receive the prize in the form of $150,000. The prize value is represented in USD in promotional content but will be paid in USDT.
  8. The second prize will consist of USD10,000 and the third prize will be USD5,000.
  9. Money prizes will be sent in USDT to your account balance.
  10. The money wagered before or after the duration of The Tournament will not be counted in the Lamborghini Tournament leaderboard.
  11. The money wagered by referred players will only count in their individual accounts and not in the account of the player that referred them to BitKong.
  12. For Fun units won't be considered in The Tournament placing.
  13. To receive a prize, users need to have an active account on BitKong and not be self-excluded since all rewards will be deposited into the game balance on the platform.
  14. Bots, fake, and duplicate accounts can’t participate in the event and will be removed from participation if such are detected.
  15. BitKong reserves the right to send the money winnings within 72h after the end of The Tournament event to double-check the results.
  16. BitKong reserves the right to change the rules or suspend this promotion if it becomes necessary.
  17. General Terms and Conditions violations, multiple account creation, and promotion abuse are prohibited and may result in account disqualification from the event.
Ready to get your Lambo On?

Remember that the first runner-up takes home $10k while the second gets $5k.