How does Free Spin work?

The free spin is a bonus that allows players to earn crypto rewards by spinning a wheel. All you have to do is tap the screen to turn the wheel and wait for it to stop to see your prize. With just one click, you can win up to 7 BTC!

If it’s the first time you use the free spin bonus, you get 5 spins to start testing your luck. Once you use them all, you must wait 2 hours to receive another free spin.

The prizes of the wheel can be locked or unlocked. If you get an unlocked compensation, you can either withdraw it or use it on BitKong’s games. But if you get a locked prize, you must wager with any currency to unlock it.

The probability of getting higher prizes increases according to your wager performance.

To learn more about how to unlock your money, read this article.

Unlocked amount = 30% of the house edge of the wager.