How does the affiliate bot work?

BitKong’s affiliate bot allows you to manage all your affiliate-related business without the need for any other tool. Take a look at the options you'll find after unfolding the bot's Menu:

bitkong telegram affiliate bot menu

You can withdraw your entire balance instantly by choosing the /withdraw option and sending your LTC or BTC address in a message like this:

withdraw answer on bitkong affiliate bot

The bot also allows you to request pre-designed posts that include your affiliate link. This way, you only need to resend the post to the people or channels you think have the most chances of getting you referrals.

You can also get detailed info on your daily, weekly, and monthly referrals by choosing the /stats option:

The message that pops up when you write the command "stats" on BitKong's Telegram Affiliate Bot.

The idea behind the bot is to give you the chance to manage your referrals without leaving Telegram. But, if you have doubts or need further assistance, you can contact the specialized staff through the /support option.