What is BKD?

At BitKong, BKD (BitKong Dollar) is the official bonus currency. 1 BKD = 1 USD. You can play any game & Rain on one or many players with BKD.

How to unlock your BKD?

Locked BKD is obtained through specific bonuses, such as Deposit Bonus and Magic Wheel.

Unlocking BKD is easy! On each bet, it will unlock proportionally to the money you wager.

Unlocked amount = 2% of all the money you wagered.

How to claim your unlocked BKD?

As you wager in any currency, your BKD locker will fill with unlocked BKD.

Once you reach the minimum of 5.00BKD, you’ll be able to click Claim, and the unlocked BKD will be transferred directly to your BKD balance. After that, your BKD will be available to use.

Can you exchange BKD for any other currency?

Of course. The great thing is that the value of the BKD is bound to the price of USD, and you can swap BKD into other currencies whenever you want.