Why Crypto Gambling Rises When Crypto Markets Fall

August 19, 2022
Provably FairCrypto

Every year, more than 1 billion people place bets on their favorite teams, players, and events across the world’s casinos. That being said, in recent years, many experts have been predicting the rise of iGaming and how Blockchain technology can reshape the industry as we know it today. The competition in an industry that in 2021 reached 231 billion U.S. dollars is fierce, so innovation is key when it comes to staying alive in this fast-growing field.  But which are the main reasons that make gambling games rise when crypto markets shake? Let's dive in!

Crypto Market Volatility vs. More Gambling Legalization
One of the most common questions asked within the community is why do you see an increase in gambling when the markets are down? There are a few factors that play into this, but the biggest one is volatility. As crypto markets become more volatile, more and more countries are legalizing gambling. This is because people are looking for ways to hedge their bets and make money from fluctuating prices. The benefit of crypto withdrawals being so fast is also an incentive for players looking to make a buck or two out of turmoiled markets: players who won and wish to trade their winnings before the markets change can do it in minutes if they withdraw in crypto.

Innovation in Gambling Experience
IGaming is expected to grow exponentially in the near future because users are searching for more secure options to place their bets. The search for better choices is making crypto gambling up the ante continuously. For instance, developers are now incorporating AI to upgrade iGaming experience. With the aid of AI, software engineers can analyze audience behavior and use the data to create games and features that will guarantee the users’ satisfaction. But customer satisfaction is not the only benefit of using AI in gaming. The technology can help developing companies create a healthier environment for players by generating tools that detect unhealthy behavior, thus protecting those most vulnerable.

Players Focus On Provably Fair Systems
When it comes to choosing iGaming platforms you can trust your money to, more and more players are focusing on provably fair casino systems. This is because the transparency and anonymity of Blockchain-based transactions tip the scale in favor of crypto casinos. Plus, trusting a site is not an issue anymore when checking the fairness of all bets is a possibility.

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