The Top 5 Benefits of Using Security Keys

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Updated on July 25, 2023

Security keys are considered one of the best ways to prove one’s identity. Using Security keys adds an extra security layer other than passwords and ensures precise access of the assigned person to the right information. Whether you’re trying to ensure you don’t get your account hacked or simply want to help keep your data safe, here are five of the top benefits of using security keys.

Extra Layer of Security

When you use a security key, like a Yubikey or Trezor, you add an extra layer of security to your login. This is because a security key displays information that provides a second form of identification when inserted. Some of them, like Legacy security keys, support TOTP –time based passwords– through a display of numbers that the user needs to input next to the password.  Additionally, security keys are often used in conjunction with biometrics, such as fingerprint or face scanners, to further verify one's identity and some even support several security protocols like The YubiKey 5 NFC to secure online accounts both at desktops and mobile devices.

One Key, Many Uses

Security keys can be used as the only form of authentication –Single Sign In– as part of Multi-Factor Authentication, or they can support FIDO Alliance authentication standards. FIDO compliance makes them so versatile they can be used on any device and account you could imagine.

Easy to Use

Physical security keys can be carried around everywhere on keyrings to provide strong authentication in fractions of a second at any time. To register your key on a new site that supports FIDO-compliant security keys, you just need to the account settings and add it to your authentication methods.

You Can Recover Your Account if you Lose Your Phone

Another plus of using security keys is that you can regain access to your personal accounts even if you lose your phone or if it gets stolen. Plus, you can be sure that your information is still secure after losing access to your phone because nobody would be able to break into your accounts without your security key.

Anti Phishing Protection

Due to the rise of social media, the most common security attack now are phishing links. These are links sent to a user through email or direct messaging with a request to register in a fake account with the intention of stealing personal information. Preventing fishing attacks is another benefit of using security keys. By registering your key, you protect yourself against bogus phishing registration since security keys won’t allow authentication to bogus sites even if they have a valid SSl certificate.

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