The Martingale System: Is It Still a Winning Strategy?

August 26, 2022

A popular system for gamblers, especially online casinos, the Martingale betting system aims to recover losses. The theory behind it is simple: if you have a bad streak of luck, you’ll still be able to recoup your losses and potentially make some money over time. But does this strategy still work nowadays in crypto online gaming? Here’s an analysis of the Martingale system, its pros, and cons focusing on crypto casino games in particular.

An Overview of the Martingale Betting System
The Martingale system is a negative progression betting system that gamblers have used for centuries. The system dictates that after a losing bet, the player should double their next wager. If they win, they should cut their winnings in half and return to their original bet amount. Simply put, if you win the first bet and your wager is $10, then you'll set that $10 aside and wager another $10. But if you lose that first bet, you'll wager $20 on the next bet. If you lose again in the next one, you bet $40 instead of $10. This method would theoretically bring back all your lost funds while also retaining the original $10 you started with. The idea is that if you win, you will recover the money you lost in the previous round, as well as generate some profit. This system is often used in casino games such as roulette and blackjack, as well as in sports betting.

What Other Martingale Variations Exist?

The Anti-Martingale is the opposite of the Martingale system. Instead of doubling down on losing bets, you double down on winning bets. The idea is to capitalize on winning streaks. This system can be dangerous because it can lead to chasing losses. But if used responsibly, it can be a viable crypto game strategy. Every now and then you'll also hit a big win, meaning you’ll walk away with a substantial profit.

Mini Martingale

The Mini Martingale is a less risky alternative strategy to the Martingale since it involves reducing the double-down bets after losses. This variation limits the profits but it works better when it comes to long term success.

Grand Martingale

This strategy is like the Martingale but with an extra kick. The player has to double the bet after a loss and add a unit to that double bet.

Which Casino Limits could Stop the Martingale?
There's no getting around it, the Martingale system is a high-risk/high-reward strategy. But if you're willing to take on that risk, it can be a very profitable way to play the game. That said, most casinos have implemented limits to stop big profits that you should consider before giving it a try. A clear example are maximum bet and table limits. So if you're going to use this system, be sure to find a casino that doesn't have such limits in place.

Can You Win with this Approach?
At first glance, it seems that the player needs to start playing with a substantial amount of money for the system to payout. The system also only works if the player has an infinite cash flow for betting. If the player reaches the game limit, then the Martingale doesn't work. Nevertheless, the betting technique has its pretty side too. The Martingale seems like the best choice when it comes to preventing sudden major loss. However, it is advisable to test the system on each game with a set and restricted budget to make a sensible assessment since the Martingale can only be successful on games with 50\50 odds.

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