Provably Fair: Why Do We Trust Maths

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Updated on July 06, 2023
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Everyone has at least one question a day that needs answering. And for decades now, the go-to place to find answers is, you know it, Google. But, how much do we rely on review numbers, statistics, and algorithms to choose our sources or our most trusted shopping or gambling sites in a sea of information and choices? Numbers provide certainty and universality in a heterogeneous world full of languages and opinions. However, there’s something deeper going on here when it comes to why we trust mathematics so much as an explanation method in general. Read on to find out more about provably fair bitcoin casinos and why we trust mathematical explanations in general!

Why Math Generates Trust?

Mathematics is the science of numbers. More specifically, applied mathematics is a scientific language we as humans created to explain the world as we know it through a set of rigorous rules. Numbers provide a scientifically backed explanation when the parties don’t know or trust each other. In a sense, when people can't rely on each other they use math as a buffer of trust. People generally believe that math reflects trust undeniably, and the general public sees mathematics as an obscure, feared science most of them cannot master, least of all, refute. In the digital realm, a blockchain is an ideal example of how we can use math to produce a universally trusted record. Blockchain technology uses consensus algorithms and cryptography as a mathematical method of eliminating the need for trust. Take Bitcoin, for instance, all transactions on the BTC network are recorded on a public ledger and secured with encryption—making it almost impossible for bad actors to modify or change the record without others noticing.

Can you Argue with Numbers?

There are thousands of ways to manipulate human logic to suit your needs and circumstances; however, math is like gravity—you either accept it or you don’t. Why does technology seem trustworthy because of its reliance on mathematics? Well, because numbers are not biased. But not all data-driven technology is purely mathematical. See for instance, algorithms. Algorithms have mathematical attributes but they work with human-curated data. They can be designed and built to be fair and just, or they can be used to fit a purpose. The same applies to Artificial intelligence. This technology can respond to mathematical principles and make moral decisions based on human-fed data simultaneously.

Provably Fair Algorithms

One reason why bitcoin casinos like BitKong are particularly popular with players from the crypto world is because of their provably fair systems. These systems work using mathematics to create an objective explanation as to how and why the outcome of each bet was arrived at, helping dispel any concerns by giving players the possibility to verify the play by themselves. In other words, it provides verifiable proof of fairness, thus allowing players to trust mathematical explanations for the outcome of their bets. Using such algorithms in online casinos ensures that players can verify their bets for fairness and build confidence in the casino platform.

Conclusion and Opinions

As humans, we look for patterns in everything that we do and with mathematics, there is no difference. Mathematics helps us explain the world around us, with its power to describe, predict and ultimately give us some control over the natural world. Because we trust it as a universal language of logic and rationality, mathematics can help our gambling in many ways, whether we’re designing game outcomes for bitcoin casinos or looking for provably fair games ourselves. Whether we realize it or not, mathematics gives us a sense of order to explain our world. In fact, you might not realize when math has been used to provide scientific grounds for your decisions.

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