How to Make your Referral Commission Grow: A Marketing Guide

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Updated on July 25, 2023

Ideally, a referral program is designed to benefit both the affiliate partner and the potential new user. This fact alone can reasonably lead us to believe that gaining newly referred users is an easy task. But knowing how to offer the product to each prospect is fundamental to winning a user's attention and maintaining it enough for them to hear how what you bring them can be useful or even life-changing. Developing a method for searching and engaging in conversation with new referrals is what will change your affiliate gig into a lucrative way to make a living. To achieve this, we share some marketing ideas that will guide you through every step of the affiliate program.

What should I focus on when it comes to marketing?

The trick to starting with the right foot is getting to know your audience before sharing information on the affiliate program. Spamming your referral link on every chat you are part of won’t get you far. Consider the people you feel are prospect referrals and try to imagine their needs and what might interest them. Your attention should be focused on establishing an emotional connection between the product, in this case, a fantastic crypto gaming platform, and the players that don’t know it yet. Get to know BitKong in detail before sharing a post or promotional message. If you don’t know the site already, here is a complete review that will help you recommend it and win substantial commissions.

What Features From BitKong Should I Highlight to Get New Players?

Crypto players like bonuses. That is an excellent place to start to get their attention. Aim to write relevant tailored content for each channel you are using. The players might be looking for a trustworthy site to deposit their money and play on. In that case, your content (posts, video, blog article) should be focused on the fact that all of BitKong’s games are provably fair, which means they can check the fairness of the bet any time they want. The best practice would be to enter each forum or medium and read the comments of crypto players to understand what they are looking for before engaging. Another good idea is to search for people looking for casual entertainment and tell them about BitKong as if you were telling them a story or an anecdote. Here we share a clear example of how to share affiliate information effectively. In this case, the medium is Quora. This will keep your reader hooked until the end when they realize you found what they were looking for. Whatever your first step might be, remember that you have pre-designed marketing materials at your disposal, and you can resort to our affiliate bot whenever you have questions.

Where Should I Look for Players?

Do some research to find which are the niche channels preferred by crypto players. These corners of the web usually coincide with the sites chosen by crypto traders. These are some of the most popular mediums we recommend:

Bitcoin Talk

First, it's important to learn how Bitcoin Talk works before posting. Since its founding year in 2009, has used an open-source software package called Simple Machine Forum (SMF). The ways of the forum can be offputting for a newcomer since it has quite a vintage look. You will soon find that it includes many sections of topics in the form of sub-forums threads, covering the main areas of cryptocurrency, including one for crypto games, be sure to be posting in the right place.


Using Telegram for referrals is relatively straightforward. The most effective way is to create a Telegram channel, share your referral link or referral posts and later share the channel through social media or messaging to gain followers.


Twitter is the medium where all the subjects collide. You can read the latest news on the topics you are most interested in or find where specific communities interact, all in seconds. To start getting the right followers, search for keywords related to crypto games or crypto trading. When you start following the right users, some will follow you back. Be sure to be clear and to the point with your posts. If the content you share starts getting repetitive, you might lose followers.


Discord is a chat app built for video gamers that also holds tremendous advertising potential for affiliate marketers. Like on Twitter, you need to build your community by researching other users’ accounts. The difference is that in Discord, they are not called “accounts,” “profiles,” or “channels”, they are called “servers.” You can use the app to contact potential players, maintain relationships, and share new info. Start by creating your own server and try to get people to join it. You can gain members by joining other people's servers of related subjects and respectfully sharing your content when allowed. Be careful not to spam your affiliate links on public servers since you can get kicked out.

Keep Caring About Each Player

Getting referred players is one part of the job, maintaining them is another. Keep in touch with your referred players about new updates, giveaways, and tournaments to help them make the most of the gaming experience so both you and them keep winning. Showing that you care about their success and yours will go a long way toward making them feel they want to stick around.

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