Bitcoin's Next Halving Date: When is it and Why You Should Care
Bitcoin halving, a pivotal event in the cryptocurrency world, significantly impacts the Bitcoin ecosystem. , will mark a...
November 30, 2023
Why You Should Switch to Bitcoin Lightning Network for Online Casino Transactions
Bitcoin's creation marked the beginning of a new era in cryptocurrency transactions. However, users faced some challenges when...
November 08, 2023
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Is Crypto Dead? An Update On The Current Cryptocurrency Industry and Market
In the ever-evolving tech cosmos, a consistently trending topic has been the subject of the same fascination and...
August 08, 2023
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The Cheapest Crypto Network Fees: Winning More in BitKong
In the crypto world, network fees are crucial, affecting how much you earn and spend on transactions. For...
July 28, 2023
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How Organic Adoption is Boosting Lightning Network Development
The is turning the world of Bitcoin upside down with its cutting-edge layer-two solution, which has been...
March 13, 2023
The screen is split in two by a crack in the middle. To the right, there's a bitcoin with an ascending arrow, and to the left the text "BTC's price after 2024. Bitcoin halving".
Why Bitcoin's Halving is Good for its Price
The process where Bitcoin’s supply is cut in half every four years, known as halving, has been a...
August 02, 2022
An erupting volcano on the right, and on the left the phrase "The greener side of bitcoin".
How Energy Efficient is Bitcoin Mining in 2022?
How sustainable is Bitcoin mining energy use nowadays? Last year we talked about the hash rate of BTC’s...
July 20, 2022
Cheesy slice of pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms, and two big Bitcoin logos on the sides, representing Bitcoin Pizza Day.
A Brief History of Bitcoin Pizza Day
It’s May, and in the crypto world, that means it’s time to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day! In 2010,...
May 13, 2022
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Which Altcoins Go Up When Bitcoin Goes Down?
As we all know, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and it’s not uncommon to see major dips...
February 11, 2022
The greener side of Bitcoin
Rooting for Green Bitcoin
and while it doesn’t entail digging, say, Bitcoin, from the ground, mining crypto eats up a lot...
October 26, 2021