5 Crypto Telegram Channels to Join

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Updated on July 19, 2023

Telegram is one of the most popular platforms used by crypto investors and traders to stay on top of the latest market trends, news, and insider tips. While the anonymity of platforms like Reddit and Twitter could attract scammers, the encryption of Telegram keeps everything safe, which is why whales –how big investors are known– and smaller crypto traders alike flock to it daily to see what’s happening in the world of cryptocurrency. With thousands of crypto-related channels available on the platform, it can be hard to find the best channels to follow — especially when many of them are filled with fakes or low-quality content. This article will help you cut through all the noise and find out which Telegram channels are worth your time.

Coin Bureau Insider

Also known as Guy, Coin Bureau Insider is an influencer that is mostly known for his YouTube reports on different topics related to the crypto world. Guy also has a Telegram channel (https://t.me/cbinsider) where he shares reports deeply analyzed by the Coin Bureau team, portfolio updates, and his latest YouTube videos. The channel currently has more than 190k subscribers and is highly regarded for its deep insight into different crypto projects.

Into The Cryptoverse

With more than 49k followers, Into The Cryptoverse is the channel to join if you want to learn about large movements of crypto, what they mean, and see their effects on the market. The group members also use this channel to exchange information on blockchain updates and share data. The information shared by both the channel creators and the followers should be taken with a grain of salt since the markets are often manipulated by members seeking to create a trend.

Whale Alert

Whale Alert is a blockchain tracker that broadcasts live reports on large crypto movements. Data on each transaction is published with the visual aid of emojis according to the magnitude of each transaction. Whales can influence the market, so being aware of the fluctuation of money between big fish wallets gives users precious insights into what is about to happen in the immediate future of each crypto market.

DeFi Million

With more than 280k followers, the DeFi Million channel is one of the most popular in the crypto industry. The channel provides updates on relevant news in DeFi tokens and other cryptos. The group behind the channel also shares information that helps users set their investments to maximize growth. DeFi Million also offers investment opportunities, like participation in promising ICOs. It also tracks new tokens on CoinMarketCap and its members trade tokens through the channel’s exclusive trading groups. The channel is perfect for beginners who are looking for useful data to process before diving into their first investments.


The data shared by Altchica is of particular interest to altcoin traders. The channel was launched in 2019 and had, at the time this article was published, 19k followers. The mind behind this channel is Zoe, a former forex trader that roused to fame in the crypto community.

To sum up

This article only aims to provide general information, not formal investment advice. We wanted to explain where people go for reliable news and data in terms of cryptocurrency and clearly differentiate the particularities of each channel. Hopefully, this information is helpful and properly analyzed and weighted by our readers before any trading decisions are made.

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