BKD the new
bonus currency!
BKD is the currency BitKong uses to award bonus prizes. It's super simple: 1BKD has the same value as 1 USD, and you can exchange it for any currency supported by BitKong.
Multiply your bitcoins by up to
What is Unlocked BKD?
Unlocked BKD is prize money awarded to you. It can be exchanged for any currency. You can play, rain or withdraw your BKD.
What is Locked BKD?
BKD is bonus money that will become available after wagering. In order to unlock locked BKD, simply make a deposit and you'll have it unlocked in no time! With each bet, it unlocks proportionally to the money you wager.
New Tokens are in!
Bet using Binance Smart Chain and your favorite ERC20 tokens!
Binance Smart Chain BEP20
Wallets like MetaMask, MathWallet, Trust Wallet.
Use your favorite wallets.
Metamask, Coinbase Wallet & Wallet Connect.
This jungle has a wide variety of games to please every explorer!
More than $100k a month in bonuses!
BitKong awards thousands of dollars worth of crypto in bonuses. Be part of the fun and get loaded on crypto!
Your winnings are bigger in BitKong!
Free Spins
Spin the wheel for fabulous crypto rewards. You'll get both locked and unlocked crypto prizes nonstop. Free spins. Big Wins.
The top players of the day are listed on our Leaderboard and they split a 20k prize pool every day!
Get part of the money you bet back every day. The higher your Rank, the bigger the cashback percentage you get.

Change levels and get amazing bonuses every time you go up!
And more coming soon!
Stay tuned for upcoming bonuses!
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